Banning Seek Knowledge killed it for me. 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! Passively obtaining discounted copies of enemy minions sounds amazing, but Eerie Stone isn't perfect. While some decks can take full advantage of Princesss effect, its just a really slow play. Pure Neutral - With how many options youre cutting out when you eliminate class cards, you can afford to lean into gaining constant value from War Commands while For the Horde! I'm thinking about moving Mending Pools up too. Bubble Blower helps complete Corrupt the Waters without having to use too many of the Battlecries in your deck that presumably have higher value on average than ones you just Discover. frozen solid is actually insane for a first pool passive too. Loyal Sidekick is a simple large taunt minion, that is pretty much always a tempo play, but doesn't usually do more that block some damage and maybe attack once or twice. It also has extra interactions with other things, especially treasure that summon copies of your minions. Hesitbaron Togwaggle now has 10 Armor. More often than not, you wont even get to the point of drawing the second one. Lets pretend Im a half-way competent writer for a while until I can take the time to change the decks where needed. Since Volatile Skeletons are technically neutral, your Skeletons get the buffs even when theyre summoned by Mage cards. If you manage to keep Highlord Fordragon on board before you use Karl the Losts effect or vice versa, you can potentially pile on an absurd amount of stats onto you hands minions. Blizzard a publi ce soir le patch notes complet de la mise jour 26.0.4 pour Hearthstone. Even if you take the lackluster neutral Dredge cards, if you dont get one of the two passives, then you just have a couple mediocre minions in your deck. Hearthstone Duels tier list: The best Hearthstone Duels decks for This is especially true in a game mode that has a lot more removal on average. Theyre just generically useful, which is not a bad thing as it doesnt require you to build your deck around it while still being extremely strong. is fairly unique amongst the first passives. People are using Secret Studies now to draw out secrets that satisfy the conditions for Sorcerer's Gambit. You get the most value out of it when you break a 4 or 5-cost weapon, as they have some of the best possibilities to randomly equip. Tier 3: All Together Nowhas gone through several nerfs, but still remains a solid pick since it discounts one of the most prevalent and useful types of minions in the game. Paladins can make the most of this with how many minions they have that like their buffs. Things like Arcane Burst and Summon Pet can wreak total havoc when it's repeatable. (#7), Group therapy! Mages have plenty of good Elemental buckets, as well as a Hero Power that can consistently supply them for you should you happen to run out of Elemental-last-turn triggers. Relics are hard to use in the beginning since you can only take one of each, but you can draft more and even get a Relic Vault from Location, Location, Location! You need a decent amount of Nature spells, minions big enough to heal, AND for those minions to be damaged. It requires you to add several weapons to capitalize on the effect. But the decks that wanna cheat out big things already have ways to do that, like Clumsy Courier and Kael'thas Sinstrider. There is also a fair amount of spell-based Tokens cards that can work with spell-based treasures for maximum aggression. It can not only turn Infernal Strike into 2 free damage, but also give you an extra Second Slice when you kill a minion! Skeleton Mage is helped out by Treasures like. Once you have both the Blade and Hilt of Quel'Delar in your deck, they fuse and become the almighty Quel'Delar. Holy Book appears pretty good at first. Several decks lack notable healing and most minions in Duels come with decent Attack, so a lot of them cant afford to take so many minion hits. Following it up with Death Games is probably the best use for it. Vanndar especially abuses this with Battle Tactics. Tier 3: Out of all the three-stage treasures, Surly Mob is probably the best. WebKobolds & Catacombs Cycle: Passive Pool 2 Ultra Rare dbfId: 47299 Card id: LOOTA_845 Totem of the Dead is a boss spell card used in Solo Adventures. A lot of decks cant afford to run too many cheap cards and/or dont really have anything that really needs to be cheated out. You do have a point about them not deserving to be in T4 though. The strategies are pretty straight forward; take advantage of self-damage effects. This can make Multicasters Battlecry ridiculously powerful! So if youre behind, not even its best combo does much to help. helps token strategies and is also a potential removal tool for big threats. Mending Pools and its ability to heal your minions as well as your hero is great, but it suffers a major issue. The most important one is that its guaranteed to be in your hand by turn 1! We even have deck lists that all have gotten at least 8 wins each! Tier 2: Avenging Armaments is good for the same reason only Paladin specific. The problem is that the optimal time to use it is when your board is big and your opponent's is empty. Survival Training can actually use the rewards of Defend the Dwarven District and is even more effective than the base Hunter Hero Power. Its still very hard to gauge your options the turn you plan to play it since the possible stats range from Chameleos to Deathwing. Its very versatile and strongly incentivized your opponent to get rid of them all asap. The With Wyrm Bolt and Bring on Recruits being so prevalent, people often use it as a card-free way to handle them. WebDuels Flavor Card set: TB Cycle: Passive Pool 1 dbfId: 82150 Card id: PVPDR_AV_Passive10 Unholy Gift is an uncollectible neutral spell card, from the TB set. Staff of Pain was okay on its own and is prone to backfiring. It shreds through enemies like nothing else, dealing 16 total damage to minions. Beckoning Bicorn is actually still good with Pirates. Killmox is technically a Legendary minion, so you can get an extra copy from. This is only really a treasure for people who are willing to run its risks for bigger effects than most other options. One treasure with a superior counterpart is Robes of Shrinking; the better one being Rhonin's Scrying Orb. Tier 1 - God Tier Passives that are valuable in any deck that support it. Here is the place! A lot of Death Knights better cards either need those corpses, or dont make more of them, so its challenging to make this Hero Power super impactful. 2023 Magic Find, Inc. All rights reserved. Your value from Ancient Reflections depends on what you end up targeting, preferably things with persistent effects like Deathrattles. Its almost always used alongside Gift of the Legion as a repeatable way to gain Attack; usually working as a substitute for the other 2 Hero Powers. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Unholy makes very few appearances, but we have a [RaptorWithWings] original deck that is the only Death Knight deck to reach 12 wins in testing. It greatly improves the consistency in your deck. Staff of Pain can really push the progress and value of The Demon Seed. Like Dungeon Runs of the past, we split our Treasures into these two categories. Its independently good and can simply pick whichever Treasure best suits what you have at that point. *Dragonblood can slowly stack stats and snowball your tempo with each of your Drargons that die. It provides you with new weapons for zero mana, allowing you to play perks like Deadly Poison without any setup. The effect of Imp-credible Trousers isnt horrible, but theres a couple things wrong with it. These Duels Decks often are the top The main problem is the fact that the better Holy spells are generally not very expensive, so you tend to only get a few small minions. Staff of Pain is also pretty good in Priests new Shadow/Aggro archetype. Passive. Theres just a lot of Treasures that may not do as much, but can be played a lot earlier and can keep you from falling behind in the first place. Being able to draw a card off of any Battlecry with Rally the Troops is valuable, but its discountability is somewhat limited. Both Mending pools and Spreading Saplings in t4? Even when effectively casting Inner Rage on everything you play results in a net increase in stats, Health is generally more valuable than Attack. If you feel that you dont need the removal, Sr. Excavator can be an amazing draw option for minion heavy decks or Brann's Saddle if many of them are Beasts. WebBest Passive Treasure: For a Rogue Maneuver deck, Group 1s best choice is Pillage the Fallen. Duels is one of Hearthstone's game modes, released back in October 2020. A lot of Treasures are just a little better than existing collectable cards, but this one is a little better than most of those since its 2 minions in one, the Deathrattle can be taken advantage of, and the 2nd minion itself is above average and on curve with the first. As control is the most common game plan for Elise decks, Addarah is naturally the most picked starting Treasure since it comes with one of the strongest types of removal in the game. Gathering Storm accomplishes that too, but exchanges the minion aspect and 1 corpse for card draw, which is just as viable but for different strategies. Optimized Polarity doesn't generate much advantage as there are very limited minions and not all that impactful unless manage to handbuff them. Here we will list more specific strategies for each class and hero with their Hero Power, Treasure, and starting deck options. Rogues and Mages have always had an affinity for good cheap spells, and this combo of classes definitely embodies it. The only thing it really does is accelerate the game, which you can mulligan for accordingly. But when they added him as an actual card, the picture changed too. The only thing holding these Treasures back is the lack ways to abuse Holy spells and the complete lack of support Arcane ones. Ancient Reflections, Bag of Holding, and Mask of Mimicry have been temporarily removed from all Treasure Pools. Treasure Pool Updates. The Mana Discounting Treasures have too minor of an effect to really make the most of it. Fire! Ferocious Flurry is a strong generic choice that can turbo out the effects and damage of weapons like Tempest's Fury. Hello Hearthpwn users! The third version of these cards are the only ones really worth being called treasures. Ancient Reflections, Bag of Holding, and Mask of Mimicry have been temporarily removed from all Treasure Pools. Starting Treasure: Scrapmetal Demolitionist. Any Weapons can give you constant value from Pillage the Fallen. After game 3: Passive from passive pool 2 After game 4: Treasure card from treasure pool 2 After game 5: Treasure from treasure pool 1 After game 7: Treasure Even Laughing Sister and Emerald Drake are still decent since you dont have to spend a ton of mana to dump them out of your hand and actually are above average minions for their cost. Luckily, most minions fit this category. Recycling wont create tempo, but can build defenses that allow you to survive heavy aggro when you need a little extra time to catch up when youre behind. Not only is this super mana efficient, its lets you play huge minions so much earlier than theyre supposed to. Plus many of Hunters better minions are Beasts, summon Beasts, or both. Even though its a small bonus that doesnt seem to persist beyond your first turn, unconditional free card draw from Small Backpacks is extremely valuable; especially when you have game changers in your deck you want to dig for as early as possible. Since it only benefits big neutral minions, it can ultimately work in any deck that can maintain control while they snowball their advantage. Stormwind finally gave Demon Hunters some pretty good incentive to run Fel spells. The effect of Freeze Solid now involves a damage buff as opposed to instant destruction of minions. Even then, it loses you a ton of tempo thats hard to recover from in Duels. Eerie Stone. In a deck built with Divine Shields solely in mind, this treasure can snowball fast! Illucia has a Hero Power for both aggro and control decks, and both are quite good. Royal Gift and Location, Location, Location have been moved to Treasure Pool 2. Just like Vampiric Fangs,Necrotic Poison is super cheap targeted removal that doesn't lose much tempo when played. There are a couple decent Frost-based treasures that can push Freeze Shaman plays further. Their delayed value as opposed to the passives with much faster if not instant value holds them back though. A player can obtain a maximum of 5 of these Treasures during their run. However, you need to have both the two cheap cards in your hand as well something big and worth the effort to turbo out. Mega salty? Its relatively better than a normal card, but lackluster compared to treasures. WebMittwoch, 18:30 - 21:00 Uhr und Sonntag, 18:15 - 21:15 Uhr. Realistically, Mages are the only ones who can pull this off. Why is Murloc Holmes showing the new expansion card there (Solve 3 clues about your opponent's cards to get copies of them) instead of the actual Duels Murloc Holmes (Whenever your opponent draws a card, add a copy to your hand)Also; why is Old Militia Horn in tier 3 but the card is explained in the tier 4's text. Theres certainly a high probability that youll get more than your manas worth of minions on the board. There is another successful archetype though that uses Spread Shot; that being Questline Hunter. Runed Soulblade is a good weapon in its own right, but your opponent can play around it and waste its durability and potential. Hagatha's Embrace is still one of the slower secondary passives, but doubling the handbuff value makes it a decent competitor for the secondary passive slot. Death Games is the ultimate Deathrattle Hero Power and can capitalize on quite a few minions. Top Hearthstone Duels Decks that got 12 Wins - Top Starter Decks Find the newest and best Duels Decks - All featured Decks got 12 Wins in Hearthstone Duels! It's just Druid decks they'd work with are ones I usually see have more generic treasures instead. And sometimes you run Stonehearth Vindicator to draw one and play right away, which doesnt give you a minion at all. It can let you get more of the bonus effects from cards that need corpses, or stack up on them for the corpse related Secondary Treasures. Elise's Might isnt a half bad generic tool and Starseeker is just a source of free damage if your deck is primarily spells. A player can obtain a maximum of 2 of these Treasures during their run. WebFirebat's Ultimate Duels TREASURE TIER LIST! Both classes even have Secrets that work towards Sr. Tomb Divers Battlecry. Not every deck can make use of their classs location. Royal Gift is an excellent finisher. Warrior - As mentioned before, Warmasters Frenzy is very well-suited for Warriors. Starting Treasure: Payload Totem Specialist. What this deck lacks in viability it makes up for in absolute chaotic fun after getting the Treasure finding Hero Power! I used to love Duels. It may not have as much Nature abuse, it does take advantage of cards Druids would love to use but cant like Palm Reading and Priestess Valishj. Ancient Reflections, Bag of Holding, and Mask of Mimicry have been temporarily removed from all Treasure Pools. Wasn't all that powerful. Instead of giving an example deck list for each class, well highlight some of the stronger combos that the treasures can have with starting cards. New "Recruits" is a great tool in general that functions really well in any tribe-centric strategy such as Murlocs or Mechs. Plus, most of the possible cards either require a certain game state to be useful or are just worse than most treasures. Topior the Shrubbagazzor makes already good Nature Treasures drastically more potent. However, since the minion is losing its stats as a price for its cost reduction, you wont be gaining much board presence. Hearthstone Duels 12 Wins Sai Shadestorm TitanCode (Lichborne Might | Glaciaxe) April 6, 2023 Hearthstone Duels 12-2 Sai Shadestorm (7979 MMR) Gaining Attack just doesnt matter that much in Duels unless youre also gaining Health to make it harder to remove. However, its relatively difficult to build a deck with a balance of Fel spells and minions that scale well with big stats. Is there something you think I missed or have a strategy you'd like to share? Fire Away! Usually the best thing to duplicate in Duels is the treasure you got from the second pool. Hearthstone Duels 12-2 Vanndar Stormpike (7073 MMR) Tier 5 - Treasures that can easily backfire unless you have nothing to lose. Scepter of Summoning is a good discount treasure so long as you have enough expensive minions to use it with but still have cards that keep you in the game until you reach the turn you can start playing them. Sure its good at giving you spells from a school that typically doesnt generate more stuff, but there isnt enough Fire support to make this a sustainable strategy without something crazy like drafting 5 extra copies of Grand Magus Antonidas. Even if you dont high roll getting the good Secrets, it still throws off your opponents first few turns as it forces them to either risk triggering one of them or make suboptimal moves trying to play around every possible Secret. Firekeepers Idol is a relatively low-impact passive (as 1/2 minions with no effects dont do much), but it provides an extra resource in your hand as well. Additional mana is always great, but Mulch Madnesss condition is too strict to use. Plaguebringer is one of those things that REALLY works when it works, but the Overload can fuck you up especially when you need to play smaller spells that don't need the discount. Tier 3 - Helpful treasures which can capitalize on your current advantage or bring you back when youre behind. Its a cheap selective removal that creates an annoying board your opponent has to deal with. Finley has some fairly versatile Hero Power that arent necessarily tied to a specific game plan, but they are particularly more useful in certain ones. The Nature Treasures probably should be higher and I'll likely move them when I need to tweak this guide after the mini set. While the potential is still there, its just hard to make the most of it when theres not a lot of decks that just happens to be able to use it to its fullest extent. The value is entirely dependent on the minions generated. Priests already had good ways to play with Deathrattles, and Castle Nathria gave Druids ways to push that strategy even further! Ancient Reflections, Bag of Holding and Mask of Mimicry have all been removed from all Treasure pools temporarily. Cannibalism and From the Swamp move into primary passive pool with effects that match the strength of their competitors. Treasure Pool Updates. Ring of Phaseshifting will oftentimes just generate stuff your deck can barely benefit from. The impact of Book of Wonders varies wildly, but has the ability to outshine a lot of the other primary passives. Treasure Pool Updates. As a legendary I cant say whether or not you should attempt to forge Quel'Delar (although its best to start early). Basically any minion wouldnt mind a Power Up!. While its usually hard to save a treasure to combo with a specific card is hard in Duels, you can reliably have, The 3 most used starting cards that take full advantage of, There are already good treasures to support Divine Shield strategies. There are many like it, but this one is mine. WebMittwoch, 18:30 - 21:00 Uhr und Sonntag, 18:15 - 21:15 Uhr. As far as Primary Treasures go, these are both great options, mostly for strategies that involve maintaining a wide board like token decks. If you meant Kindling Flame, I agree with that one. Tier 2: Vampiric Fangs can provide big Heal to classes the otherwise lack it and struggle against decks based around Magnetic Mines and Mind Tether, while functioning as targeted removal. The effect is too niche and underwhelming to be picked over other passives even in a Freeze deck. Modify tier labels, colors If you draft, Humble Blessings can do very well in a deck built around it, but its power skyrockets if you also have, Both popular decks run Spell focused strategies, many featuring, Holy spells dont have much support in Priest at the moment, but they do largely take the forms of healing and removal. Defend the Dwarven District,Barbed Nets,Slam,Tracking,Bash,Furious Howl,Man the Cannons,Minefield,Warpath,Aimed Shot,Dragonbane Shot,Shellshot,Flanking Strike,Marked Shot,Barak Kodobane. Advanced Duels Guide - With Example Decks And Treasure Tier Lists! backs you up with whatever you may otherwise lack from your initial deck. WebChoosing a Passive treasure Choosing an active treasure Choosing a loot bucket Loot buckets Cards in loot buckets are sorted by card set. Royal Gift and Location, Location, Location have been moved to Treasure Pool 2. Princess is a pretty good Deathrattle support Treasure, but its lack of instant impact makes it a little slow for Duels unless you can make use of it right away like if you have Rocket Backpacks or brought Death Games. Infernal Strike is still good enough to use, but it has become a little harder to regularly take damage from attacking minions to build up a meaningful number of Second Slices. Rogues havent had many minions that are big on their own, so try to add minions whose real value is in their effects. Silas Darkmoon now has 7 Armor at higher ranks, but his Armor has been increased to 12 Armor at lower ranks. It's a tempo loss the turn you play it and even becomes a bad weapon after you already have 10 Mana. Scales of Justice is also a great tool for dealing with a troublesome enemy board. Currently, the most used Hero Power for Demon Hunters at the moment has been Illidari Strike. You cant necessarily build a deck around Inspiring Presence. But a lot of Freezing cards hit several things at once, so youll at least get a bunch of stuff to play if you happen to be low on cards. Old: After you destroy a minion with a Shadow spell, add a copy of that minion to Youll spend most of your turn just getting the treasure, and still might not even be able to play it. Wither the Weak adds on some extra power to the typically cheap Fel spells, making them an above average tempo play. Having Roguish Maneuvers and Bruisingcost less and become repeatable doesn't really make them any better, but the same bonuses can make Death Games and From Golden Light become win conditions on their own. You should already have ways to keep up card advantage by this point. However, this can muddy up your hand with mediocre to useless minions that you have to spend mana on to get out. Its effectively turning all of your minions into one big target, which is easier to get rid of than a wide board. While recycling cheap minions can be detrimental, but even they can still be useful. The next best is centered around legendary minions and use From Golden Light and Royal Greatsword to gain massive advantage. Theyre also a great secondary archetype for a deck so you dont have to be entirely reliant on one type of bucket. PeepoLeaveBoth are really good in Miracle druid, which is best deck. You're better off looking at the latest 12 win decks from than reading this. Creator Notes:This is built with the better Totems and support for it (mostly like an Even Shaman). Its great at what it does and would probably be too strong if it were any cheaper. There is a fun little Scales of Onyxia gimmick, but right now there aren't a lot of Dragon decks out there making it into the late runs. Arcane Flux and Divine Illumination are great Treasures that provide free value and can sustain their own effects. Demon Blood is occasionally seen with decks that run a ton of Demons to surprise their opponent with a sudden big, cheap minion. The remaining actives are nothing more than slightly improved versions of existing collectable cards. Butch starts out far too small to be particularly useful. It's especially abusable with Deathrattle triggering effects. It works as a very cheap Mind Control except you lose the buffs but can use the Battlecry. Spell-heavy decks tend to do a lot of Discovering, and Orb of Revelation gives them mass discounts to their hand when it has several of their spells that arent already cheap. Promote! All of the Warrior Hero Powers are offensive and defensive capabilities in their own right. They run as many as possible to maximize the effect and draft every Soulciologist Malicia as possible. Polymorphing is one of the best forms of removal. Tiny Thimble is a regular Rush minion with vanilla stats, but gives you a Regular-Size Thimble, which is just a better Darius Crowley. It's completely broken. Its much easier for your minions to die than to run enough Freeze spells to gain a worthwhile amount of Armor. Early game (even without buffs), he can snowball by creating more copies of himself than the opponent can handle. Well start by ranking the neutral treasures on a scale of 1-5 followed by an explanation for the reasoning behind the ranks. When you have legendary minions with effects that benefit exponentially by being duplicated like Aegwynn, the Guardian or Rattlegore, then Disks of Legend can be a huge game-changer; even though it does nothing else when you're not playing legendary minions. Another weapon that warrants certain deck building is Jaws. Soulcial Studies gives your Soul Fragment generators additional tempo. The only downside is that since a few things have to die to be efficient, it isnt something you can reliably use to catch up on turn 5 like the previous two. Battle Tactics reigns as one of the strongest of the newer Hero Powers. Its hard to test this to find a pattern when the Warrior Location is hard to run itself to place on the right and the opponent doesnt always play one themselves. The only separate topics between the two will be the Hero Powers and starting Treasures, but everything else will mostly apply to both. If you can keep at least a few minions board, you can multiple the value of Gentleman's Top Hat by trading up and juggling the +2/+2 buff between your minions. is consistently twice that damage. But now it can contribute to the all-powerful Questline The Demon Seed, and it does a VERY good job at rushing the Quest progress and abusing the effect afterwards. There's enough Big Demon support to allow this archetype to hold its own in Duels. Phaoris Blade mana adjusted from 4 to 5. Or just crush someone who has it and take theirs; whichever works. Webcsu board of trustees live stream. Tier 1: Effects the passively double the value of some of your cards are definitely some of the most powerful treasures. Well, learning which Treasures are good or bad goes a long way towards improving your skill in Duels, but picking the best possible Hero is just as important. Location, Location, Location! Chenvaala, CThun, Ini Stormcoil, Lady Vashj, Lord Jaraxxus, Millificent Manastorm, and Patches the Pirate all now have 5 Armor at lower ranks, but their Armor did not change at higher ranks. Hesitbaron Togwaggle now has 10 Armor. *Blood Moon has huge potential for a comeback when low on Health. may funeral home obituaries willingboro, nj, how to calculate indirect cost rate for federal grants,